Together, we can plan the ideal sailing experience for you!

…on a colourful canvas of islands

Welcome to the land of diversity, where the grey of the rocky cliffs, the golden sand, and the local flora’s green complement each other!

Tailor made sailing holidays…

Salparo is owned and run by people with vast and substantial sailing experience. As skilled professionals, we know that at the heart of every trip lie your ideas and desires. From your airport transfer to the wine selection, we plan and select everything related to your trip. But the essence of a custom-made journey is its ability to adapt -even daily, whether it’s about the weather conditions or your choice for dinner…

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Everyone connects with nature in different ways. Unplugging is one of them, but not the only one. As you‘ll get in touch with the great outdoors, you will have the chance to reconnect with yourself. Whether you’ll do it through fun activities or by merely unwinding, it’s up to you.

How would you like to enjoy in privacy the sound of rolling pebbles at a remote cove? How about strolling a narrow street full of taverns and small shops on a picturesque island? Or maybe a little bit of both?

Whether you feel like appreciating a glass of fine wine on the deck or get a wet laugh on a sailing adventure, our hostess and our experienced skipper will be there!

The authentic taste of Greece…

With such a vast canvas of landscapes, tastes, and cultural experiences, nothing can be mundane, and nothing should be picked at random!

As you’re being dazzled by Greece’s natural and architectural beauty, your skipper will give you unparalleled insight into each location through exciting bits of history and captivating stories. After all, he knows them like the back of his salty hand…

As you’re embracing the spirit of Ulysses, your trilingual skipper becomes your navigator on a fascinating trip that will leave you speechless: welcome to the birthplace of gods, deities, and heroes…

Nothing’s more refreshing on a hot summer day than a cosy welcome -and a shot of ouzo along with fresh fish, local olives and a slice of home-made bread. Unless you’re the island hopping type; in this case, let the originality of each destination greet you fondly!

…with the perfect blend of experiences

Every moment can become a memory. Choose the appropriate activities and give your journey the most vivid and unforgettable touches.

Choose from a variety of activities and experiences and create long-lasting memories. We can offer a personal and professional service to make your journey even more memorable through our professional partners. The activities include hiking, yoga, ATV riding, culinary tours, wine tasting, scuba diving, et al.

See what a tailor-made Salparo experience means!



Depending on the week(s) you’ll choose to sail, we meticulously pick the region that best fits your wishes. We select the sailing area based on factors such as touristic occupancy, your need for excitement or relaxation, ease or adventure.


Lovely promenades and an old Venetian fortress provide a unique history and cultural background. Vivid days, exciting nightlife, delicious traditional delicacies, and conditions ideal for sailing call us back to Corfu.


The famous and stunning blue caves and Gaios, the Ionian Sea’s most picturesque port, are just two of the island’s highlights. A hiking path through a natural arch above the sea is a must-do activity.


Almost uninhabited, combining beautiful snorkelling spots and fantastic hiking paths, Antipaxos is the home of Voutoumi, one of the top 5 Greek beaches.


Home of Myrtos, voted as the most beautiful beach in Greece, the beloved island provides cycling routes with great views, delicious fish, and Fiscardo, the most picturesque port in the area.


Ulysses’ paradise, less touristic than the neighboring islands, is proud of the beautiful Filiatro and Gidaki beaches, while Kioni village is its charming gem. Sailing here is an absolute pleasure.


It’s an uninhabited island with unique, tremendous white limestone cliffs. With the only building here being a small church, each of the coves offers maximum serenity.


Home of Alexandros Papadiamantis, an influential Greek novelist, it’s covered in lush pine forests. It is also the island with the most vivid nightlife in the area. For us who visit it via the sea, Lalaria beach is our hidden heaven.


Known for the famous “Mamma Mia” church and loved for its traditional cheese pie, Skopelos offers gorgeous hiking paths that lead to monasteries and chapels, with Stafilos being one of the must-visit beaches.


The least touristic, yet our favourite island with its blue-white houses and the very welcoming people, is an ideal destination for families and couples looking for some relaxing moments on gorgeous remote coves.


It’s called “the Ibiza of Greece.” At its lovely capital, Little Venice, the Windmills and the castle proudly pose for photos. Right next to Mykonos, Delos island has an archaeological site untouched for 2,000 years.


The island is famous as a windsurfing and kitesurfing place at the Cyclades’ heart, with plenty of hiking trails and trademark Cycladic villages. Its smaller brother Antiparos offers majestic turquoise waters.


Cyclades’ capital has an aristocratic flair. It is beloved among Greeks and is the birthplace of Markos Vamvakaris, a famous rebetiko musician. An ideal laid-back holiday destination.

The Magnificent three

Our fleet of 8 yachts different in size, style, and comfort allow us to propose the right yacht for you.

S/Y Magnum Opus

Customised 50ft catamaran



S/Y Beaufort 16 (ketch)

Mahogany & teak 52ft cruiser



S/Y Change of seasons

Elegant & innovative 51ft monohull



Included on every of our yachts


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