Uranography & Night-sky photography

The "story of the heavens". How Greek Mythology explains the night sky.

A sailing trip around Corfu, Paxi and Antipaxi and among the stories of our galaxy.

A sailing trip around Corfu, Paxi, and Antipaxi, that combines ancient Greek mythology, astrophotography, the art of sailing, and a little optional adventure -such as snorkelling, hiking, and bike riding.

Enjoy the thrill of sailing, dive and explore the best of Greece’s coves, taste what is traditional, get lost at Corfu’s beautiful narrow paths called “Kantounia” and visit Gaios, one of the most picturesque small ports.

As for the sailing part, smooth sailing cruise or a bit of sailing adventure is up to you. It will be an excellent opportunity to learn the basics of sailing by observing and practising, plus your Skipper will be at your disposal at any point of the trip to answer your questions -even if one crosses your mind while you’re sunbathing!

  • Serene sailing

  • The area is ideal for smooth sailing. Grab the helm and become our captain, or just sit back and relax.

  • Exploration

  • Discover the generous nature of three islands, with a vast landscape of various beaches, caves and mountain trails.

  • Local culture

  • Meet the locals, their habits, their genuine life and taste the flavours that follow them for centuries.

“When you look at the stars you can literally see into the past. Not only the past of those distant spots of light but also of those who wrote their stories following them. Let’s start reading those old stories” -Bill Metallinos-

Learn the kinkiest details of Greek Mythology, as they are linked to the stars. When the sun goes down the stars are up to tell us their stories and myths. At meticulously selected spots, away from light pollution, our passionate Astrographer Bill will share all the secrets of the night sky. Did you know that the ancient Greeks were using myths to create a map of the heavens difficult to forget? Once you hear these stories you will know why!Learn how to spot the constellations of the northern hemisphere, and how to use Ursa Minor to navigate through the night. Spot Jupiter, and find out how the ancient Greeks have connected the planet with the god Zeus and listen to the naughty stories about him. How Perseus, who saved Andromeda from the sea serpent, found a place next to her in the sky.Polish your camera adjustment side by side with our Astrophotographer to capture the best of the night sky canvas.


2-4 hours per day. It all, of course, depends on the weather and your possible wish to sail longer.


Two sessions in remote beaches and one on the mountains


Theory in the day, practice at night


No previous sailing experience and astronomy knowledge needed


A good camera (optional)


All sessions are in English.

Dive in our galaxy and use the telescope to observe every little detail.

Adjust your camera perfectly and surprise yourself with your abilities!

Visit places reachable only by the sea, like this arc in Paxi island.

Your local skipper will guide you through the most beautiful beaches of each island.

After this trip, you will be able to spot and capture the most important objects of the heavens.

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Unless the weather tells us otherwise, that will be our route

Day 1

NAOK Marina, our starting point

Welcome to Corfu! We meet at Marina NAOK between 18:00 and 19:00. You'll have the chance to feel familiar with our yacht, get a safety briefing from our Skipper, and get to know each other. Right after that, we are going downtown for dinner and a welcoming drink.

Day 2

Towards Kassiopi, Corfu

Meet our Astronomer Bill in the morning and let the journey start. We are passing by the famous white house of Corfu, we are doing some beautiful swim-stops and for the night we a pick beach that lays absolute darkness, where the voyage amongst the myths begins.

Day 3

Syvota or Parga

The area offers majestical beaches and a cave to explore. The Blue Lagoon Beach’s seabed offers gorgeous snorkelling time, while the night sky will be our model to photograph at night.

Day 4

Our favourite port, Gaios, Paxi.

We are visiting one of the most picturesque ports in Greece. Taste the local food at the lovely taverns, and enjoy a delightful hike to the Trypitos Ark. After the dinner, Bill we'll guide us to the secrets of the heavens!

Day 5

Voutoumi, Antipaxi.

In the top five of beaches in Greece, Voutoumi, along with the other majestic bays in Antipaxi offers crystal clear waters to swim and paddle at. While uninhabited, the island is the best place for our nightly journey to the skies!

Day 6

West Paxi - Syvota

We visit the stunning -and reachable only by sea- west side of Paxi. We use the inflatable dinghy to explore Paxis’ stunning blue caves. In the evening the local wind is going to offer a pleasant sailing time towards Syvota.

Day 7

Corfu, Marina Naok

We are taking the last dive in one of Syvota's magnificent bays and we are heading back to Corfu. Given the wind will appear on our date, we are going to enjoy a smooth farewell sailing. At night, you are going to feel local, when our skipper will take you to his favourite tavern.

Day 8

Sea you again!

It's time to say goodbye. and sea you again next time!



  • Your private local guide, widely known as Skipper

  • Astronomer, Bill

  • Accomodation on the sailing yacht

  • Ingredients for cooking up to three meals per day.

  • Mineral water, and beverages

  • Fair bar for drinks

  • Telescope

  • Camera

  • Stand Up Paddle and hammock on board

  • Dinghy with an outboard engine for unlimited exploration

  • Transfer to the marina from CFU airport

  • Fresh shower towels and bed linen

  • Port fees

  • Yacht fuel


    • Flights

    • Ashore personal expenditures

    • Ashore meals for the astronomer and the skipper

We offer a heavily discounted Uranography & Sailing private experience for groups of friends and families up to 8 persons.
Send us an email at [email protected] now or give us a call at +41 76 239 5658 to receive an offer tailored to you.




      Please provide us with your details, and in the calendar, let us know your preferred Saturday to begin your journey, as well as the duration of your trip.


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