Yoga Sailing with Elli

Awake your inner energy in harmony with the serenity of sailing

A lovely Sailing and Yoga Holiday around Corfu, Paxos, and Antipaxos

A lovely Sailing and Yoga Holiday around Corfu, Paxos, and Antipaxos, that combines yoga, the art of sailing, meditation, and a little optional adventure -such as snorkeling, hiking, and ATV riding. As for the program’s dietary and activity specifics, they will be available to you soon!

Yoga sessions twice a day on locations handpicked by Elli, coastal walks, vegetarian meals made fresh with local ingredients, beautiful landscapes, and the calmness of the sea. Creating an invigorating amalgamation for your body and soul!

Alignment, breath, and meditation in Vinyasa Yoga mean that every day we will flow creatively through sequences, reconnecting with the fluidity of our body and meditatively using our breath while living in the present moment. Plus, we will be able to discover the energy behind each chakra in our evening practice paired with stones, oils, and specific yoga techniques.

As for the sailing lessons, they are optional and will take place on numerous occasions during the trip. It will be an excellent opportunity to learn the basics by observing and practicing, plus your Skipper will be at your disposal at any point of the trip to answer your questions -even if one cross your mind while you’re sunbathing!

Adjust the level of activeness according to your mood. Enjoy a fine level of onboard accommodation in a cozy cabin. Even get some insights into sailing life or share your cooking techniques if you feel like. All during a specially selected period, when the weather is suitable for dives and the best beaches are protected from the summer tourists’ swarms. This way, we ensure that you will make the most out of a fascinating experience!


  • Smooth. Variable.Perfect even for beginners. A unique yoga style, perfectly matched with a fascinating seascape!


  • Whether you feel like enjoying the benefits of Vinyasa Yoga or enjoy a mountain hike -or ride- it is entirely up to you!


  • The ideal period to get in touch with this extraordinary Mediterranean corner, right before the crowded and busy summer peak!

“Yoga means something different to everyone. The amazing thing about it is that you can start for one particular reason and without thinking about it, you reap all the benefits of it all at the same time!”

Meet Elli, our Yoga instructor!Elli moved to Greece in 2017 and teaches yoga privately to individuals and groups who seek a personalized approach when it comes to practice. She is also the creator of, an online blog where Elli shares her love of yoga, wellness, and contemplative topics to explore yourself and your inner yellow! Why yellow? Well, besides being the color of happiness, it is also the color of the third chakra, which brings us confidence, power, strength, and the will to be exactly who we need to be.

2-4 hours

Sailing per Day


Two sessions a day, incorporating Vinyasa, Hatha, Restorative, Pranayama, and Meditation


Share a double-bed cabin or book a private cabin


Ingredients for cooking on board according to your dietary habits/orientation


No previous sailing experience is necessary


All Yoga sessions are in English

Practice Yoga whenever possible -on board or on the beach!

Experience the serenity brought by practicing Vinyasa Yoga, and discover the energy behind your chakra!

Enjoy privately Paxos and Corfu’s best beaches and coves. Take advantage of the calmness of the ambiance, before the busy summer season begins.

Get the chance to learn the sailing basics and the essential role of the wind and the sea.

Expand your activity horizon with optional activities, such as snorkeling, hiking, ATV inland exploration, et al.

Experience Corfu, a unique Ionian beauty where the Venetian influence is present in every aspect, from history and architecture to gastronomy.

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Unless the weather tells us otherwise, that will be our route

Day 1

Marina Gouvia: Our starting point

Before our first gathering, don’t miss the chance to witness at 11 AM a one-of-a-kind custom called Stamnes near the Liston, at the center of the town. We meet between 16:00 and 17:00 at Marina Gouvia. We introduce ourselves, you'll have the chance to feel familiar with our yacht, get a safety briefing from our Skipper, plus you'll get to know each other -and of course Elli, our Yoga instructor! Right after that, grab some tea at the pool bar of Marina Gouvia, and prepare yourself for a surprise (and of course, let the weather be good to us!)

Day 2

Destination: Sivota

The area offers majestical beaches to practice both a morning and evening Yoga session. In the meantime, you can explore Blue Lagoon Beach’s seafloor by snorkeling -and even try parasailing at Bella Vraka Beach! She’s quite a Bella!

Day 3

Parga and around

From Sivota we are heading south towards Parga, where we visit some enchanting pebble or sand beaches -and we pick the latter to stretch our yoga mattresses. If you feel like it, stand on the SUP for some additional training!

Day 4

A day in Gaios, Paxos

We are visiting one of the most picturesque ports of Greece. Explore the lovely local taverns, and take advantage of a great opportunity to hike to the Trypitos Ark -or rent an ATV and discover the island’s inland beauties.

Day 5

Voutoumi Beach

We reach Antipaxos, where a series of amazing beaches await us! Our final stop on the island will be Voutoumi, where we will have the entire beach to ourselves for snorkeling, diving, relaxing and practicing yoga.

Day 6

Lakka, Paxos

We visit the stunning -and reachable only by sea- west side of Antipaxos and Paxos. We use the inflatable dinghy to explore Paxos’ blue caves. Afterward, we drop anchor to the beautiful port of Lakka and get some taste of authentic Greek cuisine at the port’s taverns.

Day 7

Corfu, Marina Gouvia.

After the morning yoga session, and a visit to Paxos’ northwest side of Paxos with its beautiful crystal waters, we’ll get to sail our way back to Corfu, our finishing point.



  • Your private local guide, widely known as Skipper

  • Your yoga instructor, Elli!

  • The sailing yacht

  • 3 Vegetarian meals daily and team cooking. All ingredients provided. (instead of “ingredients for your meals onboard, according to your dietary habits/orientation”

  • Mineral water, and beverages onboard to cover your thirst at any time

  • Dinghy with an outboard engine for unlimited exploration

  • SUP (Stand Up Paddle) and hammock on board

  • Fresh shower towels and bed linen

  • Warm shower water

  • Port Fees

  • Yacht Fuel, Water & Shore Power


    • Flights or other transportation to the marina

    • A yoga towel for the beach yoga

    • Ashore personal expenditures

    • Alcohol

*Share the double-bed cabin with another person of the same gender. Alternatively, book the whole cabin for you and share it with a friend or family member.