Sail into Greek Heritage

A journey through Greek history and culture. From ancient philosophers to modern heroes.

A sailing trip around four Greek islands and the most important archaeological sites of Athens, Aegina, Epidavros and Hydra.

A lovely sailing trip that combines some of the most significant elements of Greece. The natural beauty of the islands, Greek history and mythology and the authentic Greek cuisine. We are sailing in an area of great historical importance, where temples, monuments and other impressive remnants of the ancient Greek civilisation, are the landmarks of the trip.

In a week of sailing, starting from Athens, we are going to visit the Saronic islands of Aegina, Agistri, Hydra and parts of Peloponnese, with their imposing archaeological sites.

The area is ideal to enjoy the tranquillity of sailing and offers crystal clear waters for swimming and snorkelling at the turquoise seascape.

Among others we are going to visit:

  • The Parthenon (Acropolis of Athens)
  • The temple of Aphaea in Aegina, a place of worship to goddess Athens
  • The ancient theatre of Epidaurus, which once hosted music, singing and dramatic plays.
  • The historic port of Hydra, that once played a significant role in the Greek War of Independence.

  • Travel into time

  • Learn about the lives and the mentality of ancient Greeks from professional guides and connect the dots that brings us to the present.

  • Sail and explore

  • Discover the generous nature of four islands, experience the thrill of sailing and explore the countless coves and their seabed.

  • Taste the culture

  • Meet the locals, their habits, their genuine life and taste the flavours that follow them for centuries.

  • Relax on board

  • Enjoy the tranquillity of sailing, lay back, relax and absorb the sunshine on a spacious yacht

“To find yourself, think for yourself.” - Soctrates -

It is no coincidence that ancient philosophers still exist in our lives. The archaeological remains of a period in which the arts, trade, science, philosophy and democracy flourished, are among the most important world heritage sites. By learning their history, we learn who we are. So let's find ourselves listening to the story from the mouths of passionate guides.


2-4 hours per day. It all, of course, depends on the weather and your possible wish to sail longer.


At least one swim stop a day. Snorkelling equipment and a stand-up paddleboard are available for unlimited usage.


All major archaeological sites in the area, the most picturesque ports and monuments of complementary significance.


A good camera is advisable and a pair of comfortable shoes.


No previous sailing experience and history knowledge in necessary


English- and German-speaking crew. The guided tours are in English, with possible translation in German.


Experience a smooth sailing, cruising on a spacious catamaran Lagoon 42. The four double cabins, each with ensuite facilities are separate from the crew cabins for the maximum level of privacy. Enjoy unlimited fresh water and a cool air-conditioned interior in the hot Greek summer.

Ideal for up to 8 guests.

More information and photos about the yacht


Alternatively, enjoy a more authentic sailing experience on a monohull, Dufour 460 GL. Her performance allows for more serene sailing time, while her air-conditioned interiors, the unlimited access to 220-Volt and her lovely plancha BBQ, add a touch of luxury to your trip.

Ideal for up to 6 guests.

More information and photos about the yacht


The eternal symbol of the birth of democracy and western culture. Parthenon is the pearl of Athens on top of Acropolis, overlooking the whole city. A guided tour here will bring in life one of the most important ancient civilisations.


Experience the unearthly acoustics of the theatre of Epidaurus, where once 14.000 ancient Greeks were impatiently waiting for the great plays of Sophocles, Euripides and many other playwrights.

Nowadays, during July and August, the theatre accommodates famous ancient dramas or modern plays.


During the day we are visiting gorgeous remote coves and where you can enjoy swimming, snorkelling, relaxing on board, or some of the extra activities, such as stand-up paddling, that are included to your trip.


Dedicated to goddess Aphaea a local deity later assimilated by Athena, this temple is even older than Parthenon. The stories of its pedimental sculptures, which show elements from history and legend are an amazing trip into the past.


Throughout the centuries, the basic ingredients remain the same. Olive, cheese and tomato, along with good wine and fish!
This trip is built around these authentic Greek tastes, both onboard and at cherry-picked local taverns.


In this house of more than 3.000 artefacts, you will travel from the 5th B.C. to the 7th A.D. Feel as if you are walking in an ancient Athenian neighbourhood, where the glass floor reveals ruins of houses and public buildings.


Stroll down the most picturesque port in the area, walk around the bastions that were used during the Greek War of Independence and visit the Historical Archive Museum of Hydra. Then enjoy the local delicacies and traditional food in taverns overlooking the whole port.


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Unless the weather tells us otherwise, that will be our route


Welcome to Athens!

The yacht will be ready for you at Marina of Alimos at 18:00. You'll have the chance to feel familiar with our yacht, get a safety briefing from our Skipper, and get to know each other. In the meantime and after leaving your luggage at the Marina, let us offer you a guided tour at Parthenon and the Acropolis museum.


Temple of Aphaea, Aegina.

Let the journey start. We are setting sails towards Agia marina, of Aegina, where we are taking a short hike (30 minutes) to the top of the hill, which accommodates the temple of Aphaea. A tour guide will take you back to ancient times. After a swim stop, we are ending the day with dinner on board.


The ancient theatre of Epidaurus.

After a delicious breakfast on board, we hoist the sails and we set the course to Epidaurus. Midway we drop the anchor at Agistri island for a refreshing dive and a fresh fruit salad. Enjoy a guided tour at the ancient theatre and when the appetite rises, try a delicious traditional Greek dinner at a tavern. The option of some ATV riding is open!


A dive in uninhabited waters

A day of sailing. Next stop, the uninhabited small island Moni, where we drop the anchor for some relaxing water time. The day continues with some modern history from Greece's independence war and an energising hike to the Russian Naval Dockyard, on the island of Poros.


Hydra, the no cars island

Welcome to the island of the donkeys, which is so much connected with the Greek war of independence. Enjoy a walk through the old port and the bastions with the cannons, visit the Historical Archives Museum and definitely try the local kitchen at the taverns overlooking the Aegean Sea.


Aegina, the home of pistachios

Taste the first-ever pistachios cultivated in Greece. On our course to the harbour of Aegina, we are passing by another uninhabited island, Spathi. The crystal clear waters offer a great snorkelling spot. The night in Aegina, with the lovely fish taverns and the local hangout bars is absolutely gorgeous!


Bow towards Athens

“Repetition is the mother of retention.” After a delicious breakfast in Aegina, we are setting the sails to return to Athens. It's a great opportunity to review the week along with all the great new knowledge. Did you find yourself in history?!



It's time to say goodbye and sea you soon!



  • Accommodation on the yacht

  • Local multilingual skipper

  • Fresh ingredients for all your meals, according to your dietary habits

  • Snacks, beverages & mineral water

  • Fresh shower towels and bed linen

  • Wi-Fi

  • Snorkelling equipment for the whole trip

  • Stand-up paddleboard for the whole trip

  • Tickets to the Greek Heritage sites

  • Professional guides to guide you though the main Greek Heritage sites

  • Inflatable dingy with an outboard engine for unlimited exploration

  • Transfer to the marina from/to Athens Internations Airport

  • Yacht insurance (security deposit)

  • Port fees, fuel and yacht's end cleaning


    • Flight tickets to/from Athens

    • A hostess for tasty meals, more convenience on board and enhanced sailing experience (optional).

    • Ashore personal expenditures (restaurants, shopping, etc)

    • Ashore meals for the skipper (and the hostess) when you wish them to accompany you.

    • Optional activities (Canoe kayak, SCUBA diving, ATV/buggy tours, wine tasting tour, live performance/concert tickets, etc.)

Catamaran Lagoon 42 – Ideal for up to 8 guests

Monohull Dufour 460 – Ideal for up to 6 guests

Enhance the experience – Enjoy a two week sailing into Greek Heritage



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