We tried to create a small questionaire and answer it with the most frequent questions our guests had so far.

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What is your COVID-19 policy?

We are valuing our guests’ peace of mind, especially during a time of uncertainty. Read our updated conditions regarding the COVID-19 at our Terms & Conditions.

What is the best time to sail in Greece?

The answer depends on what kind of experience you are looking for. Generally, the season spans between early May to late October, with the high season considering to be from July to mid-September. High season means great summer weather and warm seas, while the rest of the season can offer you privacy and a more authentic approach to Greece. If you are open to the dates of your sailing trip, allow us to advise you, according to what counts the most for you.

Where should I go sailing in Greece?

In order to reply to this question, we definitely encourage you to talk to us! Within a short call or chat, you will get to know which part of Greece can offer you the ideal sailing experience for your needs. Do you lean more on partying or relaxing? Is sailing adventure what you need, or would you rather cruise smoothly? Green forested islands or wild beaches with white and blue houses on top? What about the possible activities in the area? Are you interested in visiting the remnants of ancient Greek civilizations? These are just some of the questions that can define the fitting sailing area for you.

Catamaran or sailing yacht?

Each choice fits different needs and can offer a different experience. A monohull yacht is ideal for a pure sailing experience, for those that appreciate more sailing time during the day, and those that would like to experience the authentic sailing life and maybe learn some sailing. At their size, monohull sailing yachts can fit easier in crowded ports and have generally more environmentally friendly, with lower fuel consumption rates. A sailing catamaran, on the other hand, offers big interior spaces, with large cabins and generous sunbathing areas. It can accommodate more water sports equipment and with its short draught can take you closer to the beach, at shallow waters. It is ideal for those that need an easy transition from a conventional hotel to a sailing holiday.

How long does a sailing trip last?

Most commonly, yacht charters last for a week starting from Saturday and ending on Saturday. Multiple consecutive weeks are also possible. If you wish to sail for a special occasion, such as a birthday party or a bachelor/ette, for less than a week, let us know, and we will do our best to make it possible.

Is it safe to sail with children?

The general rule is that, if your children can tolerate being seated in the car while you are driving, then you should have no issues. Our experience sailing with children shows that a carefully planned trip, with short distances and calm seas, apart from safe, can also be very amusing for the children. Depending on the age of the children and after your input, we are equipping the yacht accordingly, and we are organising fun activities for the whole family. Keeping children active is the key to a happy and safe trip.

Is there a special discount for children?

We are glad to offer our family guests the best possible deals, in order to make family sailing a carefree holiday. With young parents in our team, you have someone to feel your needs.

Are pets/dogs allowed on board?

Dogs have proven themselves as great sailors at most of our trips, which our four-legged friends have joined. As long as your dog is trained and well-behaved on land, they will do very well on board, too. Keep only in mind that our friend may get seasick. Ask your vet, if and what kind of medicine should you carry along. For other pets, such as cats, it is advisable to keep them safe away from the sea, during your sailing trip.

What if the weather conditions don’t allow sailing?

Greek summer is known for the sunny days and the ideal sailing conditions. However, short periods of unpleasant weather may appear. With meticulous planning, your skipper will find a safe berth or anchorage, in a place that gives you the possibility to choose from a variety of amusing alternative activities. The event of facing severe conditions that do not allow a safe trip for more than two days, during a week, is quite improbable. However, you can find the contract terms that concern this unlikely event, in our Terms & Conditions.

What is the importance of a hostess on board?

For a carefree trip and a touch of luxury, especially for the first-timers in sailing holidays, a hostess adds a high value to your trip. She is in charge of keeping a tidy and clean yacht and if there is no chef, she is also in charge of preparing meals following your dietary habits and wishes. As extra assistance to the skipper, you will be able to visit more private and difficult-to-reach places.

Is sailing a good idea for a honeymoon?

We have done it, they loved it, we can only recommend it! With the right region, the proper yacht, a crew that values your privacy, and meticulous planning from our side, sailing will offer you a truly memorable experience to reflect on in later life as a married couple.

Can I join a sailing trip on my own?

Yes! If you are a solo traveller, there are some nice options available for you. Choose the sailing concept that suits you better and book a spot in a shared double cabin, or book a whole cabin for yourself. Find our sailing concepts here

Sailing oriented

Do I need previous sailing experience?

Not at all! We would be glad to teach you the basics if you wish, or you can just lay back and relax.

Do I need to be physically fit?

As long as you can cope with your daily life activities, you are going to enjoy every moment on board.

Could I learn some sailing?

Absolutely! We love showing our guests some of the sailing basics. Grab the wheel, be our captain!

What should I pack for my sailing holidays?

After booking and long before departure, you will receive our Checklist, with our recommendations on what to bring along for your holiday. What we could definitely say, is that all you may need you have it already and all can fit in your "sac de voyage".

Is it dangerous to sail in the Cyclades?

During the months of July and August, most of the Aegean Sea is affected by the Etesian wind, called Meltemi. If you are looking for a sailing adventure on a sailing yacht, this is the right area and the right time for you to go sailing. Having a professional skipper on board will offer you the safety needed, with the right decision-making. If, however, spending more relaxing time is what you are looking for, or you are a family with young children, then you should avoid sailing in the Cyclades, during the high season. Areas such as the Ionian Sea or the Sporades would be an ideal choice for you.

Booking Management

How can I book?

As with a tailor-made costume, there is no pre-defined package that can be booked online. After we listen carefully to your needs, and you tell us how you imagine your sailing experience, we are going to create a personalised offer for you. Once you feel happy with all the details, you can follow the payment instructions enclosed in the offer and book your sailing holiday with Salparo. If you wish to join a sailing concept, after you chose the suitable available dates for you, you will receive an offer with all the details of the trip along with payment instructions.

Can I add more people after booking?

Definitely! As long as you do not surpass the maximum number of guests allowed on board. For uncompromised comfort, we will recommend you the ideal number of guests depending on your yacht size. The option of upgrading to a larger yacht after booking depends on the yacht's availability at the time of your request.

Do you also organise the flights?

No, but we are going to assist you to find the flights that best fit your holiday plans. You will receive our proposals for flights and any extra transport needed to reach the dock in time, along with your personalised offer.

Conseptual Sailing

I am travelling alone. Will I share a cabin?

Due to the current COVID-19 conditions, we avoid offering shared cabins. If you are a solo traveller, you can book a double cabin and benefit from its generous space or a single cabin (where available) and enjoy a carefree trip.

Can I bring food and alcohol on board?

Of course! Just take into account that the storeroom is limited. At most of our destinations, there are shops to replenish your supplies.



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