We tried to create a small questionaire and answer it with the most frequent questions our clients had.

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When is the best period to go on a sailing holiday (in Greece)?

Greek summer begins in May and ends in September. We could divide it into two main periods. The one stands out for its great weather conditions and pleasant water temperatures in July and August; that we call it the high season. The other period can offer you more privacy and a more authentic approach to Greece, without renouncing good weather. That is what we call the low season. So, it's up to you and how you are dreaming your sailing experience.

What are the advantages of each island complex?

Long story short: Ionian islands are famous for their unique combination of both amazing Caribbean-like beaches and green coves. Northern Ionian with its Venetian past is an ideal place for cultural and culinary exploration, while the southern part offers a sailing mix of many islands with picturesque ports and local flavors.At the other side of Greece, Sporades Islands are the hidden gems of Greek summer. This low touristic island complex, with the intense Greek character, make our guests feel special and help enjoy privacy. The local etesian wind "Meltemi" stands for more sailing pleasure, however with no reductions on beaches beauty.

Why you do not have specific routes?

Many of our competitors present the exact route they follow throughout the journey. Having a predefined route has major disadvantages:Safety: The weather conditions are decisive when it comes to where to sail or drop the anchor. Following a plan blindly, can jeopardise our guests safety.Right weather for each port or beach: Not every cove or port looks nice at any time. Different weather can make a place look totally differently. We are customising our routes so that we visit the right spots at the right time.Lack of flexibility: A stiff plan takes all the joy away. We like giving our guest the possibility to keep tailoring their holidays while on board.

Who is going to be my skipper?

Your skipper will be either Costa or Tommy. Yes, that's all! And you probably get to know them even before booking. Check our About Us section!

Can I book online?

No. It is our pleasure to offer you a personalized experience. All you have to do is to follow the easy steps in the “design your sail” page and we will personally create the offer that best fits your needs and personality.  You will receive our personalised masterpiece within 24 hours!

Are pets welcome on board?

A yacht is not a safe environment for a pet. Although we love animals, extra risks and responsibilities that a pet brings on board, along with possible allergies to the current or next guests forbid it.

Can my children participate? Is there a special price for them?

Children over 8 years old are welcome to join under the exclusive parental responsibility. Children see possible games everywhere and may react unpredictably on board. As for our prices, they are charged per yacht per week and not per person.

Are all trips limited to 7 days?

All yacht charters are from Saturday to Saturday. However, you can have a multiple weeks' holiday if you wish. Just let us know.

How do I find the marina?

Details will be given to you before booking so that you can plan your arrival and calculate the total costs. However, if you have opted for the premium option of "private shuttle service" our driver will bring you directly to the marina from the airport or your hotel.

Will meals fit my dietary requirements?

Our hostess will take cake personally care of it. Before the trip, she will ask you about your dietary preferences and she will adapt it to the menu!

Sailing oriented

Could I learn some sailing?

Absolutely! We love showing our guests some of the sailing basics. Grab the wheel, be our captain!

What if we are more than 6 people who would like to have a monohull yacht?

For uncompromised comfort, we highly recommend a limit of 4 guests for a 3-double-cabin Yacht and a limit of 6 guests for a 4-double-cabin Yacht. However, there is always the possibility to upgrade to a more spacious Yacht or enjoy the unique experience of two Yachts sailing side by side. The fastest you contact us the better.

Can I add more people after booking?

Definitely! As long as you do not surpass the suggested number of guests on board. For uncompromised comfort, we highly recommend a limit of 4 guests for a 3-cabin private Yacht and a limit of 6 guests for a 4-cabin private Yacht. However, there is always the possibility to upgrade to a more spacious 5-cabin Yacht or enjoy the unique experience of two Yachts sailing side by side. The fastest you contact us the better.

Do I need previous sailing experience?

Not at all! We would be glad to teach you the basics, though, if you wish.

What should I pack for my sailing holidays?

After booking and long before departure you will receive a "NoteBook" personalized to your sailing trip, with all the relevant information you need. What we could definitely say, is that all you may need you have it already and all can fit in your "sac de voyage".

Booking Management

Do I have to have to join with my own company?

If you opt for a private sailing experience, then yes. Holidays with people that you personally choose brings harmony on board and a greater overall experience. Otherwise, you can check for any of our conceptual sailing offers, where you are able to join just yourself or even with a friend or partner.

Are the flights included?

No, we are not a travel agency and it is not of our interest to make any profit out of it. However, we are going to help you find the flights that are the best fit for our departure dates and places.

What flights should I book?

Even before booking we will give you all the information for the suitable flights, so you can plan accordingly.Generally, Friday or early Saturday flights work great for the departure and Saturday evening or Sunday flights work great for the return.


Are there any hidden extras?

Your holidays with us are made to keep you away from reality and in total peace of mind. No extras on board to think about. The only extras are any personal expenditure ashore, including drinks in bars ashore, and any voluntary gratuity for the skipper and crew. In case of a "flotilla", you can voluntarily bring the drinks that fit you on board.

Flotilla only

I am travelling solo. Will I share a cabin?

Most of our Yachts are equipped with double cabins. There are many other solo travelers who join our flotillas. Wherever possible we will pair you with other solo co-passengers of the same gender.

Will I be in the same yacht with my friends?

Let us know and yes, you will. If you are more than 6 friends however, may some of you sail separately.

Can I bring food and alcohol on board?

Of course! Just take into account that the storeroom is limited. At many of our destinations, there are shops to replenish your supplies.