01 What can I customise and how can this benefit me?

If you are new in the world of sailing holidays, you may barely picture a sailing trip in your mind. So, I am going to break it down to the main elements that comprise a trip and explain how,  you can create a dreamy holiday, by customising each of these elements,

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02 ~ The area of your sailing excursion

You would probably guess that we are talking about the different islands with varying sceneries, nightlife, tradition, local food and more variables that give colour to your trip. And you would be absolutely right!

There is, however, another important factor that can completely change your total experience. So, what is this factor? The answer my friend is blowing in the wind! The proper combination of the sailing region along with the prevailing weather conditions each time of the year can offer you everything between a glass of wine on flat seas and a wet smile on a sailing thrill!

Which side are you on?

03 ~ The selection of the right vessel

If this is your first time on a sailing trip, let yourself be advised by an experienced tour operator on what yacht could better cover you.

The most decisive factors are
– the number of people in your group,
– whether you are travelling with children or just with your adult friends,
– the level of comfort and privacy you desire onboard and of course
– the type of sailing experience you are looking for, in terms of adventure or relaxation.

So, the right type of yacht (monohull vs catamaran), its size, the suitable amenities onboard, and possibly a special configuration, such as a safety net for children or pets, can help you feel really welcome!

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04 ~ The starting and ending point of your trip

Where should I fly to, how do I reach the marina, what means of transport should I take and after all how can I be safe during my transportation?

You may be great at organising all that, but being able to choose where to start your trip from and having everything prepared for you is definitely a relief, especially in times like these of the current pandemic.

05 ~ The ideal blend of experiences and activities

An energizing hike or relaxing sunset yoga, an ATV/quad ride or a culinary and wine tasting tour, some snorkelling or instructed scuba diving are some possible activities that you can choose from.

What fits you better or what are you in the mood for on a particular day?

If you are searching for adventure you will probably hit the road on an ATV to explore the island, while if you appreciate more relaxing pleasures, an easy hike in nature and a good wine as the dusk is falling is an idea for you. Such things can be arranged before or during the trip.

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06 ~ The right mix of privacy, wild nature or cosmopolitan strolls

Do you prefer privacy, the sound of rolling pebbles at a remote cove and social distancing? Do you like partying or just strolling down the paved paths with the taverns of a picturesque island? Or a mix of both?
This is part of what we call daily tailoring. Open the chart with your skipper and explore the options of how the next day will look like! Of course, knowing prior to the trip what is the ideal mix for you, will help us choose the fitting sailing area. So, if some isolation is your goal, there will be no Mykonos for you!

07 ~ The pace at which your holiday flows

Not everybody can digest the same amount of experiences in one day.

Are you an adventurer that wants an unstoppable succession of thrills, such as sailing, diving, and cave exploration?
Or you are an easy-going connoisseur that wants to breathe in every little bit of nature’s scent?

We are proud of our skipper’s local knowledge and adaptability to our guests’ wishes. Communicate your needs with your experienced skipper, follow your rhythm and make every moment fit you like a tailor-made costume.

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08 ~ A personalised meal plan

Food is a very important part of every vacation.
Vegetarian, omnivorous, vegan, pescatarian, or all-weather foodie, we have your back! I guess you don’t want to miss the local Greek dishes, and if you can combine them with your dietary habits, you have the perfect plan! Some inputs in your preferences will help an experienced hostess to prepare the right meals and your skipper to take you to the best taverns.

So, take a morning swim and dive into a delicious breakfast!

09 ~ Express your special needs and wishes

What do you care about? Ecology and sustainability, accessibility to healthcare, a special purpose trip such as birthday or honeymoon, extra privacy, or hygiene?

You will be surprised how adaptable a sailing trip can be. An experienced provider of tailor-made holidays will value your concerns.

Let your trip organiser and your skipper know those concerns in order to prepare the yacht and the trip accordingly.

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10 Conclusion

Sailing is an overall wonderful experience, with or without customisation. But when it comes to holidays, especially nowadays, we want to make the most out of our routine break and enjoy high-quality time along with our chosen ones. Allow an expert to help you create the ideal trip for you and your friends or family. At least that’s what our guests so far would advise you to do!


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