A tailor-made experience

Enjoy a private personalised escapade made with heart and years of expertise.

A combination of multilingual skippers with superb know-how, a fascinating and diverse seascape, the authentic spirit of the locals, and of course, lots of originality and imagination!

Everyone knows that there’s an appropriate suit for every occasion.
We may not be tailors, but we firmly believe that there cannot be a “one concept fits all”approach to sailing.
Whether you are a landlubber – unfamiliar with the concept of sailing – or a sharp, skillful sea traveller,
a family, or an adventurous entourage, you will find an option that suits you the best.

Tailor with us

During that first step; we will discuss your trip’s backbone: the number of participants, the yacht you prefer, the ideal sailing region for you, et al. This way, we carve the most fitting offer for you. It’s not merely a matter of excellence and finesse, but convenience as well.

Enrich in detail

After accepting the personalised offer, together we adjust the gastronomy and activities parameters. Would you like a partly or exclusively vegan or vegetarian menu? Is scuba diving or wine tasting – or any other of the 12 available options – something that might interest you enjoying or learning while onboard? 

Join the ritual

Every evening, sometime around dinner, an on-board ritual under the stars prepares us for the following day: While pointing our position on the chart, we present you and explore all the possible scenarios on what to see, do and experience the next day. The choice is yours to enjoy.

Select an option and start tailoring

All it takes after selecting it is some fine-tuning to provide you with a tailor-made, unforgettable experience. If it seems simple, it’s because we are doing it for so long! We have specially designed and crafted every option to allow you to live every journey to its fullest. Just pick the one in which you see yourself!


Ideal for activity seekers and intrepid travellers


Ideal for those who appreciate comfort and looking for an overall balanced experience.


Ideal for families with young children and those who appreciate uttermost safety.


Maybe your ideal trip is a combination of elements of our packages. Perhaps you want a concept from scratch -your best friend’s bachelor party, a private event, or a honeymoon trip like no other. Either way, we got you covered. If you have a plan or an idea in mind, we can connect the dots that will form our route.



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