01 As we are getting closer to the summer season, it becomes more evident that we are going to experience a brand new situation.

With hygiene and public health being the first priority, a series of regulations will apply, and (social) distancing will be the new trend. These obstacles will add more to consider when organizing your summer excursion. This is not the ideal carefree holiday you should expect.

02 What if I tell you that there is a way to visit the most beautiful Greek islands and taste the authentic side of the land totally stress-free?

Sailing holidays are not only one of the safest travel options right now, but also incredibly fun!

Your floating hotel is perfectly sized! It’s large enough to fit your friends and your family, yet small enough to fit your budget. In fact, you may pay less for a sailing holiday than for a conventional hotel vacation.


A quick disclaimer, before I continue. Sailing doesn’t necessarily mean all hands on board. Actually, most of our guests lean on the side of comfort and serenity, letting the navigation to their experienced captain, aka skipper.

03 So what makes sailing holidays such a carefree option?

Travel means to aim for a state of joy, well-being, relaxation and freedom. If your trip is not meeting these standards, is there a point to it at all? A sailing trip has some inherent characteristics that make it right now the safest option and quite independent of most of the COVID-19 governmental regulations.

Small group
You and your selected group that you know and trust.

Several islands
The benefit is twofold. First, Traveling to multiple islands offers you a variety of scenery, nightlife, tradition, local food and other key components that give color to your trip. Secondly, while the scenario of locally applied restrictions by the government is possible, you can leave one island for another at any time!

Serenity in remote coves
Take a dive away from the crowds in crystal clear waters. There are so many accessible, gorgeous coves and hidden caves to explore. What about a BBQ on the beach at night?

Uncompromised privacy
Let me point this out once again: on the yacht, it’s just you and your selected group. Listen to the sound of the pebbles rolling wave by wave on a secluded beach and try a good wine as the dusk is falling. If you like partying, try the yacht’s Soundsystem!

Small and easily sanitised areas
A sailing yacht offers all its amenities in a compact way, which helps for a well-defined cleaning process and allows no omissions and no discounts in hygiene.

Private amenities
No commonly used facilities, such as a lobby, bar, restaurant, sunbeds, etc. The whole yacht is yours! You have your own bathing platform, saloon, kitchen, dining area, restrooms and sunbathing areas.

Gastronomical autonomy onboard
There is surprisingly a lot of storage on a sailing yacht to fit the provisions for a whole week.
All the ingredients will be on board from day one! From a complete breakfast, a rich lunch, a delicious dinner with a nice glass of wine to mouth-watering fruit salads and snacks, we will have you covered.

A variety of fun activities
On every island (apart from the uninhabited ones) there are several activity providers. Some of the possible activities to choose from are hiking, yoga, ATV riding, fishing, snorkeling, scuba diving, wine tasting, or a culinary tour.

04 Do I need a deep pocket?

You don’t have to be rich to afford it. Actually, as I already mentioned, it can be even better priced than a conventional vacation in an average hotel on a Greek island. With prices starting as low as 600 Euros (USD 650) per person for a whole week (or even less if you can handle the yacht yourself!) you may wonder why you haven’t tried it yet!

05 Is sailing for me?

That’s always the question before trying something for the first time.
Luckily there are so many people that have been fascinated by their first yachting experience. However, I am not going to use this fact as a way to reassure you about how sailing suits you.
I have written an article on what to expect from a sailing trip and how you can customize it so that it will fit you even better than a conventional 5-star hotel holiday on a single island.

06 Conclusion

A sailing holiday is probably an option that you may have never thought of before, but given the circumstances, it is now time to give it a try and chances are you’ll love it!
If you cannot afford to miss the sea, the sun and the Greek islands this year, this may be a great idea for you. Invite your friends, your family, or your partner on a yacht and experience summer in Greece!
You can start creating your ideal sailing trip from scratch or contact us for a happy, advisory chat.

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