Sailing Yachts

44-60ft | Newly built | Comfortable design

Pure sailing experience…

Nothing beats the rhythmic feeling of sailing whilst heeling over. The combination of serenity and adventure is unparalleled. The ability of sailing yacht to go high up-wind offers more sailing time during a trip while trying to reach your next destination.

With their narrower design, compared to catamarans, it’s easier to berth in crowded marinas. This doesn’t mean that they lack in comfort.

Our modern monohulls are wide with high ceilings and have plenty of space for cabins and for stowage, while allow for enjoyable sunbathing.

Sail Her

Elegance in generous space…

Catamarans are synonym to comfort. Large cabins with en suite bathrooms and spacious locker storage, wide sunbathing areas and dining saloons to easily accommodate all the guests.

Their two hull design offer stability, which can be beneficial for new or inexperienced sailors who haven’t got their sea legs yet or are prone to seasickness

Catamaran can reach closer to the shore and explore low-depth areas, due to their shallow draft.

All our catamarans come with superior amenities, such as air-conditioning, unlimited shower water and water toys.



40-52ft | Newly built | Superior amenities

Classy Yachts

54-60ft | One of a kind

Authenticity of another era

Take your self back in times of simplicity, with yachts made for the sole purpose of sailing. Our classy yachts may not be that old as the typical century-old classic ones, but they definitely share some of their nobility.

You know you belong here, when a glance is enough to fall in love with the unique models.
Notice the attention to detail, in every corner of the yacht; at the drawer in your cabin or the shape of the mirror in the heads.

Without further ado…