Salparo is much more than a holiday proposal. It’s a statement, the embodiment of an experience manifesto, destined to change your relationship with the marvelous sea and Greece’s unique blend of natural and cultural beauty. We wouldn’t think of a more ideal place to host a conceptual sailing brand, meant to provide you with a wide and diverse set of activities and experiences, redefining leisure and expanding your trip way beyond the horizon.

Be an adventure enthusiast. A pelago cosmopolitan. Or perhaps, a little bit of both. The choice is yours, and Salparo provides you with all the choices. After all, its founders have so many in common, and yet they are not alike at all. Their love for the big blue, their passion for sailing, and their constant quest for new and exciting routes manifest in different forms and constitute a big part of Salparo’s DNA.

As for its parents, both Costas and Tommy have a solid and extended background when it comes to sailing. When they found each other and created Salparo, they declared since the day one that it would be much more than a mere business venture. They knew that this would be an aspiring endeavor, where everything -from its staff to the boats- would be carefully selected to fit such a passionate project.

And where passion is part of the recipe, everything gets a taste that makes it an unforgettable experience of a lifetime. This -and much more, which they will unravel along the way- is what makes every trip so different and exciting.

So, enough with the prologue. After all, Salparo means Let’s Sail!



Every day I spend out there in the sea brings me back to that first day we decided to start Salparo.

The sense of freedom, the open air, that well-balanced mix of serenity and adventure, were both my motivation for my involvement with sailing and Salparo. Such a wonderful mix of nature and culture shouldn’t be wasted in mundane concepts and proposals full of cliches. After all, Greece is much more than a dish of moussaka and a crowded, noisy beach.

This is why I started sailing, as a student in Thessaloniki’s finest school at first. Being first of my class -along with my first certificate- got me a racing sailing scholarship. Through the following years, I had the chance to explore some of the country’s most fascinating spots, its most serene, discreet and secluded beaches and coves. Eventually, I left Greece for Switzerland, but not my passion, as I worked as a corporate sailing skipper, and an instructor -where my involvement with people with disabilities was one of the proudest and heart-warming moments in my career…

So far, it has been a trip full of unique moments, fascinating people, and captivating images. But it hasn’t reached its end. On the contrary, this is the part where all the above will turn its map into a key to the unknown, magical part of my country, to which you’re more than welcome to sail along…


Hellenic CG Offshore motor cruising licence

RYA/MCA Yachtmaster™ Instructor for sail

RYA Powerboat Instructor

GMDSS Marine Radio VHF / SRC Assessor

IKO Kiteboarder Level 3 certificate



Can a man have two loves at the same time?

Well, it depends. In my case, for example, one of them was aerodynamics, which led me to my engineering degree and career. The other one was born in Skopelos, a small island in central Aegean, where I spent every summer as a kid. My father was working in a seaside restaurant, and every day I escorted him I had the chance to see -and sometimes get on board- the fishing boats. The authenticity of the scenery and the radiant spirit of the fishermen made me fall for the big blue. And the proof that it was more than a flirt and more of a passion was the fact that all winter long I was dreaming about the past summer days and anticipating for the ones to come.

And then, I found myself as an engineer in Switzerland, a country with an outstanding level in sailing, but landlocked. My images and memories for the Mediterranean motherland fit into my luggage and become part of my life there as well. The big blue, the taste of the fresh grilled fish, the homemade wine, the mermaid folk and the verses of Kavvadias, kept the fire of this love burning.

Every time I was back, I didn’t miss the chance to sail and share my passion and knowledge with everyone who was on board -whether it was my family, my friends, or all those who chose Nepheli Sailing (where I was a Skipper) for their summer boat trip. Because the vastness of the Greek seas can contain all the excitement, adventure and sensational experiences you can think of. All it takes is the will to explore them…




Salparo is a new beginning for both of us. In this fascinating journey, we want you on board.

Because vacationing in Greece can be so much more than just sitting all day by the hotel pool. Because this summer can be as lavish, serene or adventurous as you wish, but it will definitely be different and unforgettable. Discover Salparo, and discover something new every day.

So, are you ready to sail away?

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